About Adoption Chronicles™

Every child is adoptable and deserves a family.

Every child awaiting adoption and every family hoping to adopt have the right to advocate for themselves.

It is critical to make not just a match between children and families, but to make the best match. This should be accomplished without regard to artificial boundaries, geographic or otherwise.

Permanency issues should be resolved with a responsible sense of urgency, keeping in mind a child’s sense of time.

Advancements in current technology should be employed to safely raise awareness of and make family connections for children in foster care.

Partnerships and collaborative efforts yield results bigger than individual efforts alone.

It should be foremost in our minds that what we do impacts individuals’ lives, as well as society as a whole.

… to give every child in foster care and every family wanting to adopt the opportunity to advocate for themselves;

… to support both Family Finding and Adoption efforts in partnership with forward-thinking agencies;

… to raise awareness of children in foster care, both as a group and as individuals.

Adoption Chronicles revolutionize the way children in foster care and families hoping to adopt are represented.

An Adoption Chronicle is a professional one-on-one video interview. It is personal, not clinical. Through Adoption Chronicles, children and families are empowered to become active participants in the determination of their future. They are given the opportunity to speak for themselves…to share their hopes and dreams, their likes and dislikes, and what having a family means to them. Each child feels valued as an individual.

Each Adoption Chronicle includes:

  • High quality HD footage
  • Specialized interview questions
    • By age
    • By specific program, e.g. adoption or family finding
  • Professionally edited
  • Hosting
  • www.AdoptionChronicles.com


  • ChronicleView – A private, secure webpage for Family Finding support
    • 10 DVDs
    • Footage archival

Children and families gain the opportunity to speak for themselves…
…We gain the opportunity to know them in a whole new light

Ultimately…children spend less time in foster care. That is the bottom line.

Agencies are provided with an innovative tool that supports their ultimate mission: To find a permanent, safe, and loving home for all children under their care.

The Adoption Chronicles strategy is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, while delivering a consistent quality result on each individual chronicle.

Adoption Chronicles are most effective when employed as part of a robust recruitment strategy. A few of the most successful tactics are:

  • Active use of social media, such as Facebook groups. Share links to children’s Adoption Chronicles.
  • Share links of children’s chronicles in direct email messages to waiting families.
  • Share with local television stations, helping to raise awareness and change the image of “foster kids”
  • Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters use the DVDs and links as part of their outreach.
  • Family Finders send the private ChronicleView links to family members and use the DVDs at initial family meetings to let everyone meet the child who needs their support. Hear for yourself what Kevin Campbell, founder of Family Finding, says about using Adoption Chronicles:https://chronicleview.com/Kevin-AC-testimonial.html
  • Use families’ Adoption Chronicles at decision-making meetings with social workers, foster families, guardian ad Litem, and judges. Decision-makers can quickly get a better idea of home environment and family dynamics, helping them to more quickly make the best possible match.https://www.chronicleview.com/Rebecca-Jentzer-Success-Story.html
  • Reduce that stress on in-person meetings by letting children view the family’s Adoption Chronicle before the first meeting.
  • Use Adoption Chronicles to share your success stories. It will motivate your team and your partners like nothing else.
  • Fundraising is critical for agencies to achieve their mission. It is highly effective to share Adoption Chronicles, or a video created from Chronicles, with organizations and individuals who support your agency. Remember, we believe in allowing the children and families to speak for themselves! Make it personal. Make it real.